Cycling Safety and Michigan Laws

Picture of crosswalk button.We decided to create this page to help all bicyclists avoid many of the known as well as some of the unforeseen risks and dangers of crossing roads at intersections.

Michigan law indicates that motorist must yield the right of way to pedestrians and bicyclists but that absolutely does not make you safe while crossing at an intersection.

You as a cyclist must always be sure that you are not crossing in front a driver that is on their cell phone, in a hurry, or just not paying enough attention. If a vehicle in motion hits you, you will probable be hurt bad or even die from fatal injuries that could result.

Picture of a cross walk light.Lawyers can sometimes get you a large settlement but can't cure or reverse your injuries. They can put the motorist that killed you in jail but they can't resurrect you from the grave and put life back into you.

Try to be twice as alert while riding your bike as when you are operating a car. Too many motorists are in a hurry and aren't paying enough attention. Before you cross at an intersection using the cross-walk signal, look both ways to be sure that someone isn't running a red light or disobeying the signal. I have had several encounters every year with motorist that would have hit me if I had obeyed the cross-walk signal telling me it was safe to cross.

When I was growing up I was taught to be courteous and careful of others. The population and pace of life back then was slower, more relaxed, and much less hurried. Please use your eyes, ears, and common sense to keep yourself and others safe.