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Trek Mountain Bikes

They are nothing short of amazing. On the trails, in the mountains, on a competition track, or just cruising on the urban pavement. . .a Trek Mountain bike is one of the most enjoyable rides that there is. A quality frame and components allow there bikes to perform in a diverse variety of conditions for long periods of time requiring only minimal adjustments. I indexed my rear derailleur early this spring and didn't have to make an adjustment until in the fall.

Picture of a Trek Mountain Bike rider.

3 Series is your weekend trail bike, your workday commuter, or both. Versatility, great suspension, smart spec… it's no wonder 3 Series is the world's best-selling mountain bike.

Can't decide between a trail bike and a commuter? Get both, in one bike. 3 Series gives you confidence, control, and road-to-trail versatility, wherever you ride.

Trek cycle in air.

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